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Childrens Papercraft

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008
Norton Webbot Papercraft

Papercraft models are print-outs that you can download, print, cut, and put together to make colorful models that look very professional and are fun to play with.

They make for a perfect rainy day or “we’re bored! What can we do!?” kind of day.

There a lots of sites that have the print-outs, and I’ve featured a few below. Hope you enjoy them!


Norton has a few papercraft web-bots available for free as part of a campaign to raise awareness about different threats on the internet. Norton Web-Bots Paper Craft

Right now they have two templates that you can print out, cut and put together for an “Identity Theft Bot” and an “Extortion Bot.”

Sci-Fi Papercraft

Free Crates

Stones Edges has some free-sample “stock” gaming paper models of some wooden crates, tombs, and a few different sci-fi type doors. They also have a bunch of other models that you can purchase to add atmosphere to a board or d&d type game.

If you have fun with these, you might also want to check out Papercraft World – They have links and instructions for 100s of different papercraft models.

Have fun!

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Kid’s Games Link roundup

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Some really fun kid links (via Boing Boing) for the month of October –

DIY Kid’s Drinking Straws

Do-It-Yourself Crazy Drinking straws – Build any number of weird arrangements of straws to drink from multiple glasses at a time.

I bet this would be great fun at a Halloween party to create some scary concoctions.

Kids Crochet Octopus

An excellent interview with Jessica Polka and her Wunderkammer (Wonder Chamber.)

Jessica has created some amazing crochet “specimens” that remind me of a mix between The Life Aquatic and carnival side shows.

You can even purchase the patterns for some of her designs if you’re the crafty type yourself.

Kid’s Halloween Cupcakes

Wendy from Wisdom of the Moon has whipped up some utterly delicious Halloween cupcakes

I absolutely love Halloween, and these cupcakes would be sure to steal the show with any kid’s who see them.

Children’s Paper Craft Models

And finally, Matt has created his first papercraft model named Grumm.

Not only has he created it, but he’s made a nifty little PDF file that you can download, printout, and put together to recreate his model yourself!

Severed Flowers

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
Kid’s Party Games

Fun Play Dates also has some interesting ideas for Paper Craft on their site, Jungle Gym Kids Paper Craft on their site, check it out.

Severed Flowers

Cut from colored cloth or paper a number of petals for forming wild roses, using pink material; Marguerite daisies of white material and pansies of purple. Five petals for each rose, five for each pansy and ten for each daisy.

Have the children site around a table. Provide each one with a sheet of plain paper, three pins having the heads covered with yellow tissue paper and mixed petals enough to make one of each kind of flower.

At a signal the children begin to make the flowers by sticking the pin through the point of the petals and pinning each flower to the sheet of paper. A prize may be given to the child finishing the flowers first of the child making the best looking flowers.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © Smiles… @ Flickr, Attribution