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Do You Have a Family Game Night?

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Does your family make the time to sit down together and have some fun playing games?

There are tons of experts and advocates of a Family game night, and they all make great points. It really is a wonderful opportunity to interact with your children. Some of the benefits that most people ascribe to a family game night are:

  • Bringing your family closer together
  • Fostering socialization skills in your children
  • Better Concentration and Attention Spans
  • And even some of the silliest games can have educational merits

These are all obviously great things, but really I think that what most gets over looked by everyone is the selfish part of it. It gives adults a chance to be kids again! While playing board games with your family, the days worries and problems fade away.

So, do you have a family game night and what do you play if you do?