Childrens Papercraft

Norton Webbot Papercraft

Papercraft models are print-outs that you can download, print, cut, and put together to make colorful models that look very professional and are fun to play with.

They make for a perfect rainy day or “we’re bored! What can we do!?” kind of day.

There a lots of sites that have the print-outs, and I’ve featured a few below. Hope you enjoy them!


Norton has a few papercraft web-bots available for free as part of a campaign to raise awareness about different threats on the internet. Norton Web-Bots Paper Craft

Right now they have two templates that you can print out, cut and put together for an “Identity Theft Bot” and an “Extortion Bot.”

Sci-Fi Papercraft

Free Crates

Stones Edges has some free-sample “stock” gaming paper models of some wooden crates, tombs, and a few different sci-fi type doors. They also have a bunch of other models that you can purchase to add atmosphere to a board or d&d type game.

If you have fun with these, you might also want to check out Papercraft World – They have links and instructions for 100s of different papercraft models.

Have fun!

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