Riddles 5

Why was the first day of Adams life the longest?
Answer: Because it had no Eve.

If an egg were found on a music-stool, what poem would it remind you of?
Answer: “The Lay of the Last Minstrel.”

Why is a schoolmaster like a shoe-black?
Answer: Because he polishes the understanding of the people.

Why is a washerwoman like a navigator?
Answer: Because she spreads her sheets, crosses the line, and goes from pole to pole.

Why is an author the queerest animal in the world?
Answer: Because his tale comes out of his head.

Why is it that a tailor won’t attend to business?
Answer: Because he is always cutting out.

When can a horse be sea-green in color?
Answer: When it’s a bay.

Why were gloves never meant to sell?
Answer: Because they were made to be kept on hand.

When are we all artists?
Answer: When we draw a long face.

Why are watch-dogs bigger by night than by day?
Answer: Because they are let out at night and taken in in the morning.

When is a tradesman always above his business?
Answer: When he lives over his shop.

Which is the liveliest city in the world?
Answer: Berlin; because it’s always on the Spree.

Why is a water-lily like a whale?
Answer: Because they both come to the surface to blow.

Why is a shoemaker the most industrious of men?
Answer: Because he works to the last.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

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