Riddles 4

A man had twenty sick (six) sheep, and one died; how many were left?
Answer: 19.

What is that which everybody has seen but will never see again?
Answer: Yesterday.

Which is the best day for making a pancake?
Answer: Friday.

Which is the smallest bridge in the world?
Answer: The bridge of your nose.

What four letters would frighten a thief?
Answer: O I C U.

What is that which goes from London to York without moving?
Answer: The road.

Which is easier to spell fiddle-de-dee or fiddle-de-dum?
Answer: fiddle-de-dee, because it is spelt with more “e’s.”

When may a chair he said to dislike you?
Answer: When it can’t bear you.

What animal took most luggage into the Ark, and which two took the least?
Answer: The elephant, who took his trunk, while the fox and the cock had only a brush and a comb between them.

Which of the English kings has most reason to complain of his washer-woman?
Answer: King John, when he lost his baggage in the Wash.

If a bear were to go into a linen-draper’s shop, what would he want?
Answer: He would want muzzlin’.

Why is B like a hot fire?
Answer: Because it makes oil Boil.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

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