“My Master Bids You Do As I Do”

Children Follow the Leader

For all those children who are fond of a little exercise no better game than this can be chosen.

When the chairs are placed in order round the room the first player commences by saying: “My master bide you do as I do,” at the same time working away with the right hand as if hammering at his knees.

The second player then asks: “What does he bid me do?” in answer to which the first player says: “To work with one as I do.” The second player, working in the same manner, must tum to his left-hand neighbor and carry on the same conversation, and so on until everyone is working away with the right hand.

The second time of going round the order is to work with two; then both hands must work; then with three; then both hands and one leg must work; then with four, when both hands and both legs must work; lastly with five, when both legs, both arms, and the head must be kept going. Should any of the players fail in keeping in constant motion a forfeit may be claimed.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © goodnight_photography @ Flickr, Attribution

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