I Sell My Bat, I Sell My Ball

Children Baseball

Gastro Kid has a whole bunch of great recipes and food ideas for the kids and family. They are even growing Fava beans with their kindergartener’s.

Everyone loves summertime drinks, and children are no exception – Here’s how they let their children join in on the fun with childrens “mixed” drinks.

Thanks for the ideas! Now, one classic children’s game coming right up…

I Sell My Bat, I Sell My Ball

A ring is formed with one child in the middle, who is called the “drummer man.” Whatever this child does the others mimic, moving round as they do so, and singing the following words:

I sell my bat, I sell my ball
I sell my spinning-wheel and all;
And I'll do all that e'er I can
To follow the eyes of the drummer-man.

Anyone who does not at once imitate the “drummer man” must pay a forfeit and take his place as “drummer man.”

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © stop.down @ Flickr, Attribution

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