Game of Cat

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Cynical Dad lets us know the words to avoid if you’re trying to remove a splinter from a 4-year old’s finger.

And Dad Gone Mad tries to teach his son not to lie. I really thought throwing future punishment from Sarbanes-Oxley was a nice touch.

On to the classic game –

Game of Cat

The person who is to play the part of Cat should stand outside of the door of the room where the company is assembled. The boys and girls, in turn, come to the other side of the door and call out “miaou.”

If the Cat outside recognizes a friend by the cry, and calls out her name correctly in return, he is allowed to enter the room and embrace her, and the latter then take the place of Cat.

If, on the contrary, the Cat cannot recognize the voice, he is hissed, and remains outside until he is able to do so.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © Yoshimai @ Flickr, Share Alike

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