Duck Under the Water

Children Playing Games

Always a work in progress! reminded me to head on down to the petting zoo now that the temperature has picked up.

Our local petting zoo lets you buy a family season pass and we usually end up taking all the little kids in our extended family over the course of the summer.

Urbanbaby & Toddler magazine gives some quick and fun ideas about using around the house items for playtime.

What do you use around the house for playtime?

Duck Under the Water

Each child chooses a partner and stands opposite to her, so that two long lines are formed. Each couple holds a handkerchief between them, as high as they can lift their arms, so as to form an arch. The couple standing at the top of the lines run through the arch without letting go their handkerchief, and station themselves at the bottom of the lines, raising their handkerchief again so as to continue the arch. This is done by each couple in succession until all have had a turn. Whoever breaks the arch or drops the handkerchief must pay a forfeit.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © R@punseLL @ Flickr, Share Alike

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