Blowing the Feather

Children Playing Games

With spring rushing in there are plenty of windy fun games to play outside.

Trying to keep things flying or floating in the air is a kid favorite. I’m embarrassed to talk about the countless hours and hours that I would run around the house or outside with friends trying to keep a balloon or feather floating up in the air.

Blowing the Feather

All the children, except one, sit on the floor around a sheet or table cloth which they hold about eighteen or twenty inches above the floor. A feather is placed on the sheet and at a signal the child nearest it blows the feather towards another child. The object is to keep the feather in the air, not allowing it to light.

The remaining child runs back and forth around the group trying to catch the feather. When he is successful, the person on whom the feather rested or was nearest to, changes place with him.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © Shayan @ Flickr, Attribution

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