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Hope everyone had a wonderful Fathers Day!

A Future Rock Star grinds out a killer rendition of Doe-Ray-Me on her pink guitar.

Take-g Toy’s produces some stunning Wooden Robots. I have no clue how to buy them, or if they are just computer drawings – but I want them!

Both links found via – Boing Boing

Post Office

One player begins the game by going out of the room, and then giving a double (or postman’s) knock at the door; it is the duty of one of the other players to stand at the door inside the room to answer the knocks that are made, and to ask the postman for whom he has a letter.

The postman names some member of the company, generally of the opposite sex; he is then asked, “How many stamps are to be paid?” Perhaps he will say “six”; the person for whom the letter is supposed to be must then pay for it with kisses, instead of stamps; after which he or she must take a turn as postman.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © scbailey @ Flickr, Attribution

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