Hat Game

Children Playing Games

Sam reminisces about how toys and TV used to be.

And Stephanie wants to know What are your favorite ways to keep the kids busy?

Here’s a Classic Kid’s Game that might give you some ideas…

Hat Game

One of the players has two hats, one he places on his own head and the other he hands to one of the company. The person who has received the hat must then make every action contrary to the action of the person who handed him the hat. For instance, if No. 1 sits down, No. 2 must stand up. If No. 1 takes his hat off, No. 2 must put it on. If No. 2 fails he must pay a forfeit. The time of the trial is limited to three minutes, or less if the players wish, after that No. 1 is bound to take the hat and be tried in his turn.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © Thomas Claveirole @ Flickr, Share Alike

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