Soap Bubble Battle

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Bubbles abound!

Play Library gives us the Amazing Bubble Machine and the geniuses at Cranium show off their Wonderwish Wand.

Anyone else have any fun Bubble links?

What do you do with the bubbles once you have them?

Soap Bubble Battle

Two children act as captains, one of the company A, the other of company B and each in turn choose a soldier until the children are evenly divided into two companies.

Stretch a rope or cord at a medium height across the middle of the room, with company A on one side and company B on the other side.

Each company is provided with a basin of soap suds (a little glycerin added to the water will make the bubbles last longer) and each soldier with a clay pipe.

Two soldiers, one from company A and one from company B stand at arms length from the rope and each blows a bubble from his pipe towards the “enemy” and over the rope if he can. If a soldier blows a bubble over the rope without it bursting he company wins a point. If he fails to do so, his company loses a point.

These soldiers step back and two more (one from each company) advance and blow a bubble and so on until all have had a turn. Som one keeps the score and the company having the most points are the “victors” and to them belong the “spoils” which consists of a tiny paper drum filled with candy, a small silk flag or any appropriate prize.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © fotologic @ Flickr, Attribution

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