Rule of Contrary

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Shapes! Kids Craft Weekly explores some fun ways to learn about and play with shapes. They also have a great monkey logo if you’re into that.

Or maybe you’re less into monkey business and more into the blinding efficiencies of manufacturing (see what I did there?) Rookie Moms has a write up about doing a factory tour as mini-trip.

And of course, you always have the option of playing a classic kids game –

Rule of Contrary

This is a simple game for little children. It is played either with a pocket-handkerchief, or, if more than four want to play, with a table cloth or small sheet.

Each person takes hold of the cloth; the leader of the game holds it with the left hand, while with the right he makes pretense of writing on the cloth, while he says: “He we go round by the rule of contrary. When I say ‘Hold fast,’ let go; and when I say ‘Let go,’ hold fast.”

The leader then calls out one or other of the commands, and the rest must do the opposite of what he says. Anyone who fails must pay a forfeit.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © chechebom @ Flickr, Attribution

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