Riddles 2

Kids Riddles

When dues a farmer double up a sheep without hurting it?
Answer: When he folds it.

What lives upon its own substance and dies when it has devoured itself ?
Answer: A candle.

Why is a dog biting his tail a good manager?
Answer: Because he makes both ends meet.

What thing is it that is lower with a head than without one?
Answer: A pillow.

Which is the left side of a plum-pudding?
Answer: That which is not eaten.

Answer: What letter of the alphabet is necessary to make a shoe?
The last.

If all the seas were dried up, what would everybody say?
Answer: We haven’t a notion (an ocean).

Why is a fishmonger never generous?
Answer: Because his business makes him sell fish (selfish).

What is that which works when it plays and plays when it works?
Answer: A fountain.

What is that from which you may take away the whole and yet there will be some remaining?
Answer: The word wholesome.

Why are fowls the most economical things a farmer can keep?
Answer: Because for every grain they give a peck.

What coin doubles its value by taking away half of it?
Answer: Halfpenny.

Why is it dangerous to walk in the meadows in springtime?
Answer: Because the trees are shooting and the bulrush is out (bull rushes out.)

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