Childrens Riddles

While most of these riddles are very old – you can see how a few of them evolved into the riddles that we know today. Let us know if you have any great kids riddles and we’ll add them to the list and credit you or your site!

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OK – now the riddles…

Few children think they will ever tire of playing games; but all the same, towards the end of a long evening, spent merrily in dancing and playing, the little ones begin to get too weary to play any longer, and it is very difficult to keep them amused.

Then comes the time for riddles! The children may sit quietly around the room, resting after their romps and laughter, and yet be kept thoroughly interested, trying to guess riddles.

It is, however, very difficult to remember a number of good and laughable ones, so we will give a list of some, which will be quite sufficient to puzzle a roomful of little folk for several hours.

Why are weary people like carriage-wheels?
Answer: Because they are tired.

An old woman in a red cloak was passing a field in which a goat was feeding. What strange transformation suddenly took place?
Answer: The goat turned to butter (butt her), and the woman into a scarlet runner.

Why does a duck go into the water?
Answer: For divers reasons.

Spell “blind pig” in two letters?
Answer: “P G”; a pig without an I.

Which bird can lift the heaviest weights?
Answer: The crane.

Why is a wise man like a pin?
Answer: He has a head and comes to a point

Why may carpenters reasonably believe there is no such thing as stone?
Answer: Because they never saw it.

What is that which is put on the table and cut, but never eaten?
Answer: A pack of cards.

Why does a sculptor die horribly?
Answer: Because he makes faces and busts.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © Tub Gurnard @ Flickr, Attribution

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