Child in Wonderment

It is necessary that only two of the party should have a knowledge of this game, and then “wonderment” is sure to he the result.

The two players agree that a certain word shall be regarded as a signal word. As an illustration, imagine this word to be “and.”

One of the players asserts his belief that he is gifted with second sight, and states that he is able, through a closed door, to name any article touched by any person in sympathy with him, notwithstanding the said person may attempt to mystify him by mentioning a lot of other articles. He then chooses his confederate, as being one with whom he may he in sympathy, and goes outside.

The player in the room then proceeds to call out, perhaps as follows: Table, Hearthrug, Piano, Footstool and Chair, Lamp, Inkstand. He then places his hand on the back of a chair and asks: “What am I touching now?” the answer will, of course, be “Chair,” because the signal word “and” came immediately before that article.

If the players are skillful there is no need for the trick to be discovered.

Image © SoccerMasta @ Flickr, Attribution

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

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