Bunch Of Ivy

The players in pairs form a ring. The inner player of each couple kneels. The outer player of each couple holds the upraised hand of the kneeling partner and circles around her, asking the following questions. The partners reply as indicated, mentioning each time one hour later by the clock, until six o’clock has been reached.

“What time does the king come home?”

“One o’clock in the afternoon.”

“What has he in his hand?”

“A bunch of ivy.”

This dialogue and the accompanying movement of the players should be rhythmic and spirited in time. As the kneeling players say “A bunch of ivy,” they begin clapping their hands in the same rapid time; whereupon the outer players run around the entire ring to the right until each player has returned to her partner, once for one o’clock, twice for two o’clock, etc., until six o’clock has been reached. The players change places each time after this series of circling, the outer players kneeling, and those who formerly knelt, standing. The time of both the dialogue and the running should be rapid to keep the game spirited. The larger the circle that may be described around each kneeling player by the partner the better.

Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium by Jessie Hubbell Bancroft

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