My Lady’s Toilet

The leader gives to each of the party the name of some article used by a lady-a glove, fan, handkerchief, slippers, veil, belt, ribbon, brooch, back comb, collar, hairpins, cloak, etc, The players to whom the names of the articles have been given arrange themselves in a circle; one stands in the center and spins a plate. An ordinary tin pie plate may he used.

As he spins the plate he says, “My lady is going to the theater and needs her –,” naming one of the articles assigned to the players. At the mention of this article, the person to whom it has been given comes forward and catches the plate while it is still spinning. If he fails to catch the plate before it falls to the floor he must pay a forfeit. He now takes his turn with the plate, spinning it and using the name of another of the articles.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

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