Hiss and Clap

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Filed under: “How to permanently scar your child.” Hiss and Clap is a random game, that punishes participants for making the wrong decision. It reminds me of the opening scene of Ghost Busters, where Bill Murray is doing paranormal + psychic on testing college students and administering electric shocks as negative re-enforcement.

Hiss and Clap

This is an excellent party game. One of the company goes outside the room, whilst the remainder of the players decide amongst themselves which of them he shall kneel to. When this is settled upon, the person who is outside is allowed to enter and he kneels in front of whom he thinks is the right one. If he should make a correct guess, the company clap their hands, and the person to whom he knelt goes outside. If, however, the guess is an incorrect one, the company hiss loudly, and the guess has to go outside, com back, and try again. Of course, it will make more amusement if when a boy is sent outside the room a girl be chosen as the person to whom he has to kneel; and the opposite if a girl be outside the room.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

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