Riddles 10

When are two apples alike?
Answer: When pared.

What is the difference between a blind man and a sailor in prison?
Answer: One cannot see to go and the other cannot go to sea.

Why is a plum-cake like the ocean?
Answer: Because it contains so many currants.

What pudding makes the best cricketer?
Answer: A good batter.

When is a sailor not a sailor?
Answer: When he’s aboard.

Why is the snow different from Sunday?
Answer: Because it can fall on any day in the week.

What trade would you mention to a short boy?
Answer: Grow sir (grosser).

What tree is nearest the sea?
Answer: The beech.

Why is a game of cards like a timber-yard?
Answer: Because there are always a great many deals in it.

Why is a tight boot like an oak tree?
Answer: Because it produces a corn (acorn).

Why is a city in Ireland likely to be the largest city in the world?
Answer: Because each year it is Dublin (doubling).

What is the easiest way to swallow a door?
Answer: Bolt it.

Why is a dancing-master like a tree?
Answer: Because of his bows (boughs).

Name a word of five letters from which if you take two but “one” remains.
Answer: Stone.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

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