Riddles 3

Children’s Riddles

Why is a vine like a soldier?
Answer: Because it is listed and has ten drills (tendrils) and shoots.

Why is an opera-singer like a confectioner?
Answer: Because she deals in ice-creams (high screams).

If a man who is carrying a dozen glass lamps drops one, what does he become?
Answer: A lamp lighter.

What belongs to yourself, but is used more by your friends than by yourself?
Answer: Your name.

Why is a spider a good correspondent?
Answer: Because he drops a line at every post.

When is the clock on the stars dangerous?
Answer: When it runs down.

Why is the letter “k” like a pig’s tail?
Answer: Because it comes at the end of pork.

What is the keynote to good manners ?
Answer: B natural.

Why is a five pound bank note much more profitable than five sovereigns?
Answer: Because when you put it in your pocket you double it, and when you take it out you will find it increases (in creases.)

Why is a watch like a river?
Answer: Because it doesn’t run long without winding.

What is that which flies high, flies low, has no feet, and yet wears shoes?
Answer: Dust.

When has a man four hands?
Answer: When he doubles his fists.

What trees has fire no effect upon?
Answer: Ash-trees; because when they are burned, they are ashes still.

What is the difference between a schoolmaster and an engine-driver?
Answer: One minds the train and the other trains the mind.

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Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

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