Simon Says

Kids Playing Simon Says

Good ‘ol Simon Says:

A classic kid’s game that’s great for Backyard BBQs or just lazy days around the house.

Remembering the game kids used to play – being a simple kid, I could play this game for hours, especially with adults – it always felt good to be the kid and get one over the parents – even if they were letting you trick them.

Of course, anyone can get sick of something if they play it too much – Board Games That Might Not Bore You. I Mean, Are Great for the Whole Fam!

But, lets see how it was played back in 1909 –

Simon Says

Seat yourselves in a circle and choose one of the company to be the leader, or Simon. His duty is to order all sorts of different things to be done, the funnier the better, which must he obeyed only when the order begins with “Simon says.”

As, for instance, “Simon says: ‘Thumbs up!'” which, of course, all obey; then perhaps comes: “Thumbs down!” which should not be obeyed, because the order did not commence with “Simon says.”

Each time this rule is forgotten a forfeit must be paid. “Hands over eyes,” “Stamp the right foot,” “Pull the left ear,” etc., are the kind of orders to be given.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © presta @ Flickr, Share-Alike

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