Make Your Children Healthier by Feeding Them More Sugar

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."

Top 5 great ways to “healthy up” your children by increasing their sugar intake.

Its every parents dream – No more fighting about eating too much sugar. If only there was an already prepared solution that you could quickly give to your children…

These miracle products aren’t new, but it’s easy for people to forget how much children love them and how easy they are to prepare to satisfy the horde.

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Kids Apple Fruit

Image © StubbsUK


Fruit is filled with “Fruit Sugar” or sucrose.

Apples are around 10% sugar, but unlike those chocolate bars or chewy candy they also have lots of nutritional value and help clean teeth.

Like many fruits, apples also can provide a healthy helping of your daily vitamin C, around 8% of the RDV.


Kids Watermelon Fruit

Image © Zesmerelda

The classic summertime fruit and another great source of vitamin C (around 13% RDV)

While watermelons are a relatively newly domesticated fruit, there are plenty of variates including different colors, shapes, and even seedless.

But then of course, half the fun of eating watermelon for children (or perhaps, adults) is to have a seed spitting competition.


Kids Oranges Fruit

Image © bcmom

Oranges are around 9% sugar, but are blasting with vitamins including 75% RDV of Vitamin C!

Like Apples, there are hundreds of varieties of Oranges. Interestingly, the most popular seedless variety of Oranges, the Navel Orange, are only able be cultivated by cutting and grafting onto other varieties of citrus trees.

But, from big to small, sweet and sour, or even seedless – Oranges are an easy quick snack.


Kids Pineapple Fruit

Image © Darwin Bell

Pineapple always seemed like a magic fruit to me. You had to have someone at the store specially cut it and more so than any other fruit, it seemed the most like candy.

Like Oranges, Pineapple has an insane amount of Vitamin C (50% RDV.)

They also seem to have the most sugar out of all the other fruits mentioned here

Which may be why I always felt like I was getting one over on my parents when I got to eat them.


Kids Strawberries Fruit

Image © tamburix

Strawberries – the great producer of red hands and faces. Then later, red shirts, pants, and carpets.

Strawberries are another great Vitamin C producer, but also have a great deal of Vitamin A.

Picking Strawberries is also a fun weekend activity for when the summer boredom strikes.

These are my favorite “cheating” candies. What are yours?


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