Egg Race

Easter Children

Although not technically a game – Easter candy is what all children are thinking when they think of Easter. Candy Blog gives you the skinny on tons of different candies and treats.

Crafty Daisies shows how to Hollow out and Easter egg for those that want some colored eggs that last much longer than their hard boiled counter parts.

And lastly Bitter Sweet has some crochet instructions for creating some very cute little Birds of Feather.

Egg Race

Place six hard boiled Easter eggs on each side of the room about one foot apart. A large basket is placed at the far end of the room. The players are divided in two sides, each side being chosen one at a time by the leaders. A large wooden or tin spoon is then given to one player on each side, who, at a given signal, dishes up the eggs one at a time with the spoon, placing them in the basket provided.

The leader replaces the eggs on the floor and the next player on each side takes the spoon and lifts the eggs from the floor and carries them to the basket and so on until all have had a turn.

A record is kept of the winners and the side having the greater number wins the game. This game may be changed slightly by someone timing the players with a watch, keeping track of the seconds and the one getting all the eggs into the basket in the shortest time receives a prize.

When it is convenient to play this game out of doors or in a very large room place six or more rows of six eggs each on each side of the room or lawn, with a player (provided with a spoon) behind each row. At a given signal all start to pick up the eggs with their spoons, and the one finishing first wins for his side.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

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