Rooster Fighting

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Wow, just wow… Where to begin with this one – You bind your children’s hands and feet, stick a broom through their arms and legs to further immobilizing them, then set them to war against another “Rooster.”

The only thing missing from the description is how to place bets and what an acceptable vig is.

I had a bit of an internal struggle about this post – I actually changed the name of this game from what the book officially called it. I so wanted to stay true to the original and avoid the self-censorship, but in the end decided that I didn’t want the type of traffic that could possibly come from the real title. I wonder if Mr. Blister of Strange Games had a similar struggle about Crap Surfing?

So enjoy this slightly modified game, and feel free to call me a big wuss in the comments.

Rooster Fighting

The is a most amusing game, and although only two boys can play at it at one time they will keep the rest of the company in roars of laughter. The two who are to represent the “Roosters” having been chosen, they are both seated upon the floor.

Each boy has his wrists tied together with a handkerchief, and his legs secured just above the ankles with another handkerchief; his arms are then passed over his knees, and a broomstick is pushed over one arm, under both knees, and out again on the other side over the other arm. The “Roosters” are now considered ready for fighting, and are carried into the center of the room, and placed opposite each other with their toes just touching. The run now commences.

Each “Rooster” tries with the aid of his toes to turn his opponent over on his back or side.

The one who can succeed in doing this first wins the game.

It often happens that both roosters turn over at the same time, when the fight commences again.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © einarfour @ Flickr, ShareAlike

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