A Luncheon in White and Yellow

Kids Yellow

Use a large plateau or mirror for the centerpiece, in the center of which lay an irregular piece of real (or artificial) moss about and-half the diameter of the plateau (to represent an island.) Stick a few sprays of asparagus and maidenhair fern in it and a number of white and yellow spring flowers-the crocus, jonquil, daffodil, daisy and snowdrop. Cut the stem: of the Bowers in various lengths to give a better effect. Place a few (artificial) little fluffy chickens on the island and several downy ducklings in the surrounding lake (mirror.) Or use a vase of jonquils and daffodils for a center piece.

Place cards may be made by cutting bristol board into egg shape ox oval pieces. On a portion of this card spread some mucilage and sprinkle yellow sand over it. Then stand a tiny yellow chick (these are made of wool and can be purchased very cheap) on the sand (using glue) and close behind it glue the small end of an egg shell. Similar cards can be purchased all ready decorated.

Serve a grape fruit cocktail first. Cut the grape fruit in half, take out the fruit in as large pieces as possible, place in a bowl with the juice. Mix with this a small amount of white grapes, halved and the seeds removed, and a portion of pineapple canned or fresh cut in small pieces and some of the juice or syrup from the pineapple. Add a little sugar and angelica wine if desired. Remove the pulp from the grape fruit, fill each half with the mixture and serve on doylie covered plates.

For a relish use celery, white radishes, small yellow tomato pickles or pickled white grapes.

The meat course consists of creamed chicken, creamed sweetbreads and creamed veal. Carefully cut about one-third of the hell off the top of as many eggs as needed. Remove egg and fill shell with the hot creamed meat, (use three shells for each plate, each having a different tilling) and replace top of shell.

Form shoestring potatoes into a nest on a serving plate and place the stuied eggs in the nest. (Tap the filled egg slightly on the end, indenting but not breaking it and the egg will easily stand on end.)

Or make a nest of mashed potatoes pressing it through a fruit press or potato ricer and place in the center of it meat croquettes, oval shaped and very delicately browned.

Bread sticks or tiny rolls tied with white and yellow ribbon. Mold the butter into the shape of an egg.

Escalloped corn in ramikins.

Salad of California Asparagus tips on bleached lettuce leaf: Place a ring of hard boiled eggs around the stem end of asparagus (slice hard boiled eggs crosswise, remove the yolk and thrust the ends of asparagus through the white pan) serve with French dressing. If ice cream is to be sewed an plates, have vanilla and orange flavors packed in a tubular mold, the orange in the center and the vanilla around the outside so that when cut it has the appearance of a slice of hard boiled egg.

If the cream is served in glasses have the two colors molded in the form of an egg. Serve lady fingers and egg kisses, or angel food and sunshine cake.

At each place have salted almonds in a yellow egg shell cup. Color the eggs a rich yellow, cut off about one-third of the top and remove egg-use the larger portion of the shell, mash the end a trifle and glue to a small oval paste board.

Bonbons consist of small jelly eggs, white and yellow in a tiny basket at each place.

The favors are Easter bonnets which the guests are asked to wear. (Procure small doll hat: of various styles profusely trimmed with Bowers of white and yellow and place a common white hat pin in each one.)

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © macieklew @ Flickr, ShareAlike

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