The Game of Conversation

To play this game successfully two of the company privately agree upon a word that has several meanings. The two then enter into a conversation. Which is obliged to he about the word they have chosen, while the remainder of the company listen, When a member of the party imagines that he has guessed the word, he may join in the conversation, but if he End; he is mistaken, must immediately retire.

To give an illustration: Supposing the two players who start the conversation decide upon the word box. They might talk about the people they had seen at the theater and the particular part of the house in which they were sitting. Then they might say how nice it looked in a garden, and one might mention that it grew into big trees. Perhaps one of the company might imagine that he had guessed the word correctly and join in, when the conversation would be immediately changed, and the two would begin to converse about a huge case in which a very great number of things were packed away. By this time possibly the person who joined in the conversation will leave off, completely mystified.

If, however, the word should be correctly guessed. the person guessing it chases a partner, and they together select a word, and the game begins again.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

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