Hot Tamales

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For those with tinkering and robot loving children, NASA has streaming video of the FIRST robotics competition on their website. Found via the Creative Kids at Home Blog.

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Hot Tamales

The “tamale” in this game is a knotted handkerchief. One player is chosen for the Hot Tamale man and stands in the center of the room while the others sit around in a circle.

The Hot Tamale man begins the game by saying, “hot tamales, hot tamales,” at the same time throwing the hot tamale to some on in the circle who must throw it to another player in the circle and so on, tossing it from one to another without stopping.

The Hot Tamale man tries to catch it and if he succeeds, the one who last tossed it changes places with him and the game continues.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © kk+ @ Flickr, Attribution

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