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Old Soldier

Children with a Soldier

Playing games is fun and all, but it’s easy to forget how enjoyable simple outdoor things like Picking Strawberries can be.

Throw all the boring work that has to get done aside and go run around outside with your kids – it’ll mean the world to them.

Old Soldier

Old Soldier is a game for young children, and though it seems very simple, yet there is a good deal of fun in it.

One of the children pretends to be an old soldier, and goes round begging of each of the other players in turn, saying that he is “poor, and old, and hungry.” and asking what they will do for him or give him. In answering the Old Soldier no one must say the words: “Yes,” “No,” “Black,” or “White,” and he must he answered at once without hesitation.

Anyone who does not reply at once, or who uses any of the forbidden words, must pay a forfeit.

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

Image © @ Flickr, ShareAlike

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