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Children’s Definitions

A subject is given to the company by the “teacher” and those joining in the game are each to define the subject in as terse a manner as possible, in epigram or verse, written on a slip of paper.

The cards are then signed, turned in and the “teacher” reads the definitions.

Then the company are to decide which one of the definitions has the greatest merit. For instance, the word “Friendship” is given and the answers might run like these:

“A feather from love’s wing.”
“The greatest of boons.”
“Something akin to glue,” etc.

Or the word “Gold” might evoke:

“That which I have not.”
“The root of all evil.”
“What goes to the plumber,” etc.

Image © PhliarShamim @ Flickr, Share-Alike

Games for All Occasions by Mary E. Blain

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