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Group Writing Project Update

The entries are trickling in, remember the deadline to send me your entry is 11:59PM Thursday May 17th (As long as its still Thursday where you live, I’ll accept your entry)

Thank you again to the sponsors of the Classic Kid’s Games Group Writing Project –

Now, on to the list –

  1. The 8 rules of Pooh Sticks by Montegue Blister
  2. Who’s got the belt? by (((((HUGS))))) sandi
  3. President and Scum: The World’s Most Addictive Card Game by Michelle Mitchell at Scribbit
  4. Flashlight Birthday Hunt by slackermommy
  5. How Rummikub House Rules Almost Ended My Marriage by Jordan

Thank you everyone for the entries! Spread the word, there are only a few days left to join in.

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